Local Man continues commitment to Dark Souls speed run even after spiders crawl up his dick-hole.

Local masochist Jimothy Pudenda recently highlighted his extraordinary commitment to From Software’s seminal controller-destroy-em-up ‘Dark Souls’ by continuing his Speed Run record attempt even after a swarm of baby spiders commenced crawling into his dick hole. Looking to shave a... Continue Reading →


It’s Mostly Pixels. Writing on Games.

A collection of my guilty pleasure articles about digital frippery. When I was a wayward teenager growing up in the 90's and spending countless bush kif dusted afternoons playing Street Fighter on the Megadrive in my friend's garage, we were... Continue Reading →

Love, Anarchy and Violence: The Legacy of Rik Mayall, The People’s Poet

At the Junction of Queen Caroline Street and Hammersmith Bridge Road lies a simple blue memorial plaque that reads: Rik Mayall 1958-2014 - Punched his friend in the balls on a bench near this spot. The piece was originally published... Continue Reading →

Le Butcherettes- Teri Gender Bender, Metaphorical Quicksand & The Secrets of The Universe

From the toquines of Mexico to duets with Iggy Pop, Teri Gender Bender brings wide eyed fire and blood. Originally Published in Collide Art & Culture Magazine Issue 5, this is the full chat in its first time on the... Continue Reading →

Steve Kilbey- Something Quite Peculiar

In which we discuss Music, Mushrooms, Literature...and Dapto. In my ongoing efforts to bring you the unpublished director's cuts of previous interrogations, today we revisit an afternoon in Newtown with Steve Kilbey of The Church. Originally published in truncated form... Continue Reading →

El Corredor Maldito – Deathrock Rides Again. Pay what you want.

The underground has always been a fertile, fecund place. While the topsoil of bedroom wall icons and their cheekbone legacies lie fallow if not forgotten, their seeds and spores have drifted on the wind and sprouted in innumerable places throughout... Continue Reading →

Nerve Quakes – A New State

Hailing from Perth, on the rugged coast of Western Australia, Nerve Quakes conjure a sound that could just as well have emerged from the gloom of Leeds in 1987. Debut LP ‘A New State’ first tempts with ‘Honey Hive’ where... Continue Reading →

Dressed like a Salad:Dogs in Space and the legend of The Ears.

“Mind Explodes, out come dogs, they shoot off, into space” Melbourne Australia, 1970’s. A grim, exciting time to be young, unemployed and riding the residual spray of the punk rock wave as it eventually lapped at this convict nation’s shores.... Continue Reading →

Deathrock Rattles on: Pawns/Cemetery Split Cassette

Deathrock rattles on, spooling and unspooling across circular plastic teeth. This cassette crackles with new tracks from two acts that share a thematic and aesthetic umbrella to sit perfectly perpendicular on this four track sampler. Pawns Breaking Wheel erupts first... Continue Reading →

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