Chewing on You – An Interview with Rat Scabies

The Damned were there at the beginning. They’re probably still on your bedroom wall. With ‘New Rose’ (their ‘deathless anthem of nuclear-strength romantic angst’) and then ‘Damned Damned Damned’ they were the first gang on wax. Progenitors of punk, grand guignol... Continue Reading →


Refurbish your Helmet with HOWL and BATCAVE PRODUCTIONS

Emerging from Sydney Australia in 2012, Howl are a group of four pale orphans who ignited the local scene briefly with their unique helmet-on-the-bus style take on Deathrock and Post-Punk themes. Sticking around long enough to record the seminal (citation... Continue Reading →

…and the band played on. An interview with Daniel Ash.

I first heard Bauhaus when I was about 16 or 17. The song in question was Crowds, a maudlin little number almost bereft of guitars that I encountered on a community radio station up at the dusty end of the... Continue Reading →

Donovan, Rozz Williams and the Origin of that Voice

  Shortly after the tolling bells and strident drum beat that announce the arrival of ‘Cavity: First Communion’ off Christian Death’s groundbreaking debut LP Only Theatre of Pain come rolling and unfurling out of the speakers, the world was introduced to the... Continue Reading →

U2, The Virgin Prunes, and the Path Less Travelled

On paper they couldn’t seem further apart. The stadium straddling echoplex anthems of U2 and the claustrophobic cabaret of Virgin Prunes seem inked on opposite ends of the spectrum, an anathema to each other, irreconcilable. And yet… Dublin, Ireland in the 1970’s was a... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview with natural wonder and affront to God, Mermaid Oates

So what's it like being Mermaid Oates? It's fucken sweet! Thank you for your time, Mermaid Oates. -Andi Lennon

People with Dirty Faces- An interview with Andi Sexgang

Of all the many-coloured moths that first burst free of the original gothic rock chrysalis, Sex Gang Children were perhaps the most strident and unique – the patterns on their wings the most vibrant and distorted, their vision the most singular. Immediately... Continue Reading →

From out of the Abyss: Disjecta Membra plunder the tombs of ‘Achromaticia’

Stalwart New Zealand act bring the Kitchen Sink to their anniversary. Glancing backwards can be a perilous thing. Memories long subsumed can bubble to the surface revealing a deeper and more fractured shade to half-formed recollections refracted in the stark... Continue Reading →

The Australian Department for Communication and The Arts bends over for Rupert and splays their eager, hungry asshole….again.

So, how are you enjoying the roll-out of your superfast and cutting edge National Broadband Network? Now, as an additional delectably wet splash perched atop that particular shit sandwich, the Federal Department of Communications and the Arts who are presiding... Continue Reading →

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