Darkest Dungeons & The Spectre of Lovecraft

Master of cosmic horror and open racism Howard Philips Lovecraft has had a rough trot when it comes to videogame adaptions. His vision of a dread indifferent universe seems ill at ease within the confines of the traditional videogame lexicon,... Continue Reading →

Gods of Aquarius- The Strange Cosmology of Nina Hagen

Music is often described by both its practitioners and detractors as a Spiritual Pursuit. Whether lofty and ceremonial or base and profane, consciously or not it is an attempt to connect and communicate with something greater, something other, something universal.... Continue Reading →

Retro Justice-The Nostalgia Portal

As someone who has no real time for Videogames these days (well, outside of the Souls series) but who still clings onto an undying fondness for the carefree gaming days of youth, one of my guilty pleasures is bingeing on... Continue Reading →

Set The Boy Free- Johnny Marr in pages and in person.

Johnny Marr is one of the few cats to whom the living legend mantle sits comfortably on able shoulders. A lifetime devoted to song has recently been laboured over printwise and I recently finished thumbing my way through the results:... Continue Reading →

The Return of The Thunderhawk (and the perils of Kickstarter)

Kickstarter is a pretty magnificent development in creative democratisation. It both empowers creators and enables consumers to put their money where their mouth is, providing tangible support for niche projects and allowing end user feedback throughout the creative/development process. But... Continue Reading →

Cowboys & Indians: The Dichotomy of Gothic Rock

For a genre almost universally associated with the colour black, the world of gothic rock comprises a surprising myriad of shades. Be it post-punk, trad goth, or deathrock, as the genre was birthed and evolved, splintering into innumerable shards and... Continue Reading →

Blood, Shit, Fire and Wanking Über Alles: Fucked By Rock, the Greatest Memoir Ever Penned.

In which we recount the story of the greatest book about rock n roll ever written. All rock biographies are the same. Even speaking as someone who’s bookshelf is crammed with the things, it seems every ageing artist and their... Continue Reading →

Gluesticks and Ribbon Ink- The Fanzine Years

I got to it late. 1993. After the heyday but prior to the decline. Fanzines, Tape Trading, Flyering. Send back my stamps. Please enclose two IRC’s. No posers! Before the internet there was the underground tape trading circuit. Envelopes stuffed... Continue Reading →

Michael Gira- Majestic Creatures with Ugly Temperaments

For over 30 years, Michael Gira has been summoning spires of sinister noise. He named his vehicle SWANS, ‘majestic beautiful looking creatures, with really ugly temperaments’ and set about building a legacy that sways and judders as it dwarfs you... Continue Reading →

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