People with Dirty Faces- An interview with Andi Sexgang

Of all the many-coloured moths that first burst free of the original gothic rock chrysalis, Sex Gang Children were perhaps the most strident and unique – the patterns on their wings the most vibrant and distorted, their vision the most singular. Immediately... Continue Reading →


From out of the Abyss: Disjecta Membra plunder the tombs of ‘Achromaticia’

Stalwart New Zealand act bring the Kitchen Sink to their anniversary. Glancing backwards can be a perilous thing. Memories long subsumed can bubble to the surface revealing a deeper and more fractured shade to half-formed recollections refracted in the stark... Continue Reading →

The Australian Department for Communication and The Arts bends over for Rupert and splays their eager, hungry asshole….again.

So, how are you enjoying the roll-out of your superfast and cutting edge National Broadband Network? Now, as an additional delectably wet splash perched atop that particular shit sandwich, the Federal Department of Communications and the Arts who are presiding... Continue Reading →

That kid from ‘The End of the F**king World’ totally looks like Robert Smith.

Part two of our (potentially) ongoing series 'That Kid Totally Looks Like...' Netflix have pulled another one out of the bag. After casting Rowland S Howard doppleganger Finn Wolfhard in 'Stranger Things' they have returned to the 'uncanny resemblance to... Continue Reading →

Keep on Pounding : A fireside discourse with Anvil.

On Goulash and Determination. George Burns once famously referred to show business as a “hideous bitch goddess” whilst Rolling Stone scribe and famed gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson opined that “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long... Continue Reading →

O.C. O.G. – An Interview with Rikk Agnew

Punk rock dark lord and master of the octave chord Rikk Agnew has left his sonic prints on more red hot and poisonous projects than you’ve had furtive wanks. Emerging out of the embryonic Orange County punk scene in the... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection Hex- David J Haskins on Bauhaus, Black Majick & Benediction

It all starts with a Bossa Nova beat. Then three descending bass notes usher in swirling and strafing guitars that skitter like spiders, white on white translucent. A cult is born. Undead. The man behind those iconic bass notes was... Continue Reading →

Dig out your black shawl, Channel Ten is losing The Simpsons.

Hear me out. I haven’t watched terrestrial TV for many years and the Simpsons has been powerfully shit for a very long time but I’m assuming they still flooded the schedule with re-runs right? What are the impressionable children of... Continue Reading →

We always become the things we hate – My life with Morrissey.

With a new album on the horizon, Manchester’s most divisive son remains ‘Low in High School.’ But has his truculent tongue bitten us once too many times? As comfortable wrapped in his enigma as he is exposing his nipples, Stephen Patrick... Continue Reading →

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